CMSI 543 / SYEG 557: Semester Project Page

Project Basics

You will be responsible for designing, documenting, and implementing a small scale of your own this semester. The idea is for you to get hands-on experience of actually going through all the steps of the entire process, using Agile for your project development. To that end you must do:

Schedule of Deliverables

The following deliverables will be due on the dates indicated:

  1. Preliminary Project Design document: week 6
  2. Detailed Project Design document: week 11
  3. Project Demonstration: week 16 – 17

Document Section Descriptions

Preliminary Project Design

You must have the following as part of your preliminary design:

Detailed Project Design

You must spend some time to expand your Preliminary Design into a new copy of the document to have the following as part of your detailed design:


You will demonstrate your project in class, showing the current MVP that the last completed iteration has produced. There will be a presentation, with slides using the following format:

  1. slide 1 — Title slide
    • name of project
    • project team members
    • date
    • LMU logo
  2. slide 2 — Purpose of project
    • why was this a good fit?
    • why were you interested?
    • why is this a worthwhile project?
  3. slide 3 — Project goals
    • what the project accomplishes
    • 3 - 4 bullets
  4. slide 4 — Project description
    • concept of operation ~ how it works
    • some idea of planned system data flow
    • this might require two or even three slides
  5. slide 5 — Project planning
    • project management tool[s] used
    • screen shot of current board or tool
    • burn-up plan for project
    • burn-down plan for current iteration
  6. slide 6 — Agile method slide 1
    • what method: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, …, or what?
    • why did you choose this method?
    • did it work well?
  7. slide 7 — Agile method slide 2
    • what were the advantages of your tool
    • what were the drawbacks of it
  8. slide 8 — Demonstration
    • demo of what you have working
  9. slide 9 — Project challenges slide 1
    • describe a challenge that you encountered
    • describe how you mitigated that challenge
  10. slide 10 — Project challenges slide 2
    • describe a different challenge that you encountered
    • describe how you mitigated that challenge
  11. slide 11 — What changed during development
    • describe something you had to change/modify/re-think during development
    • what happened to force that change?
    • was it a substantial change [a pivot] or just a minor adaptation?
    • what would have happened had you persevered [stayed the course]?
  12. slide 12 — Thank you and questions