Reading Assignments Page

Introduction to Text Readings

The following readings from the text book will be required for the course. These readings are designed to give you what you need to be successful in your project, as well as in your future software development jobs in the industry.

We will be covering some sections in great detail, and some will be skimmed or skipped. The reasons for this philosophy are several:

  1. First, there are sections or chapters which contain material which you will need to know while you are putting your project together, which you won't have available if we take them in the order presented in your text
  2. Second, there are some issues presented which are not as critical to the successful completion of your project as other sections, which can be treated this semester as 'included for completeness' topics. (This is not to say you won't need them in your career, just that you shouldn't get bogged down with them right now.)
  3. Finally, the sections that are covered in detail are those which contain the most critical topics for your success, both in the semester project and when you get into the working environment.

One of the main focus points of this class, as repeatedly stated, is to provide you with exposure to topics you'll need to be successful as professional software developers. To this end, there will be material covered which is not in the textbook. The course is somewhat organic in that respect; I will be presenting "experiential" material that is applicable to many types of development business environments, along with the text material. I will also endeavor, whenever possible, to address any questions or topics which you find of interest, and discuss them during class meetings to enhance your learning and understanding as much as possible!

On that note, I encourage discussion of topics that are related to engineering, both generally and as they relate to software, and encourage open discussion of such topics during class. Many good ideas are born from such an approach. I want you all to feel comfortable raising issues, offering opinions, and asking questions about our chosen discipline; participation in this free flow of ideas is (IMHO) the best way to become a competent person in any endeavor!

Reading List and Due Dates

The following readings from the text are assigned. You will be responsible for having read these sections by the indicated class meeting so that we can discuss the topics, and so that you can apply the appropriate knowledge to your project development tasks.

  1. Due for Week 3:
  2. Due for Week 5:
  3. Due for Week 7:
  4. Due for Week 10: