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Due Date: October 19, 2017 [2017-10-19, Thursday of week 08]

The following guidelines are expected for all homework submissions:

Problems From Chapter 2

Problems From Chapter 3

Algorithm Exercises

Exercise 1: Implement a web page that performs the Russian Peasant Multiplication algorithm. You must have two input boxes for the two numbers, and a button to click for performing the operation. You must also have the output show on the footer of the web page (like we did in class for the document properties list), and you must make the output show all the operation's steps in columns. If you are programming in jsFiddle, you may use the tab character to separate the columns, or alternatively you might want to get fancy and use a table to show your output.

Exercise 2: Implement a web page that contains a representation of a stack. The stack must have ten slots. Show the stack vertically on the page with the top of the stack at the top. Include a text input and a button to cause the input value to be pushed onto the stack; also include a button to cause a pop operation to remove the top element. You must be sure to alert if the stack is empty when popping or full when pushing.

Python Programming Problems

Read chapters one through six in the Python book softcopy (it sounds like a lot, but the chapters are quite short — it's only 35 pages). Feel free to try some or all of the exercises at the ends of the chapters, several of which appear below as part of this homework assignment.