This page contains the assignments for the semester along with their due dates. In addition, all the assignments are listed at the end of the weekly PDF presentations.

For Tuesday, 2012-09-04:

For Thursday, 2012-09-13

For Tuesday, 2012-09-25

For Thursday, 2012-09-27

For Tuesday, 2012-10-02

For Tuesday, 2012-10-16

For Thursday, 2012-10-18

For Tuesday, 2012-10-23

For Thursday, 2012-10-25

For Thursday, 2012-11-01

For Tuesday, 2012-11-06

For Thursday, 2012-11-08

For Tuesday, 2012-11-13

For Thursday, 2012-11-15

For Tuesday, 2012-11-20

For Thursday, 2012-11-29

For Tuesday, 2012-12-04

You must also do a semester project, either a term paper or a programming assignment, at your discretion. Details of the term paper are listed on the main home page and the questions are on the paper questions page. General details of the programming project are also located on the paper questions page but will need input from the professor prior to beginning the project, so details are based on individual discussions.